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Over 25 Years of healing ‘sick buildings’….

Our goal at Proac Corporation is to educate all those associated with the upkeep or upgrade of building systems in regards to good indoor air quality. Through partnerships with building owners/managers, facility personnel, engineers, and outside contractors we’ve helped countless people when it comes to maintaining or installing mechanical systems.

Whether you hire a Proac technician to maintain mechanical hygiene in a building or ask a Proac consultant for in-house training, your needs are always addressed in strict confidentiality.

Proac is a firm believer that proactive maintenance increases efficiency, lowers costs, lowers the number of occupant complaints and reduces the demand for a cost prohibitive remediation process.

PROAC offers a multitude of air system experts like:

  • NADCA certified Air System Cleaning Specialists (ASCS)
  • Certified Indoor Environmentalists
  • Certified Mold Remediators

In addition, our trained technicians often partner with other field professionals like microbiologists, mycologists, certified laboratories, mechanical engineers, toxicologists, Certified Indoor Air Quality Professionals and customer driven vendors.

We’re thankful for our experience in decontamination and remediation, because it taught us to encourage you to adopt Proactive Building Maintenance in your building. If you’d like to learn more about Proac and the services available, please contact us directly.

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  • Joseph A. Miller
  • "We called on Proac to decontaminate an occupied dormitory room. A water leak caused mold growth on the walls and carpet. All the occupant’s possessions had to be removed, decontaminated and stored in a trailer while the work was completed on the room. Again, this project was completed in a professional and timely manner."
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