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The First Timed Release Condensate

There are obvious reasons for the superior performance of PanGuard over other products. It's timed-release formulation puts it head and shoulders over other products - and improvements do not stop there.

Our superior cleaning agents make PanGuard your best buy,

Non-dissolving polymer core with:

  • Superior Cleaning Agents
  • Dispersants to break up and remove dirt
  • Wetting Agents to penetrate deposits
  • Corrosion Inhibitor to protect galvanizing

The orange knit enclosure, a familiar trademark of PanGuard, lets water pass through to contact all of the surfaces.

The non-dissolving solid polymer core is where the action takes place. Thousands and thousands of tiny pores hold the cleaners. In the presence of water, PanGuard slowly releases these dispersants and wetting agents to keep dirt in suspension. The entire pan is kept continuously clean up to six months. GUARANTEED.

PanGuard, the first timed-release condensate drip pan cleaner, contains more cleaning agents PanGuard cares for your equipment with a corrosion inhibitor, a material developed to protect galvanized coatings. Exclusive C- ID corrosion inhibitor is the only product available on the market today designed specifically to help preserve zinc coatings. No other pan treatment contains this added protection for your equipment.

A 50 ton unit requires more treatment than a 1O ton unit. Putting in more of a Smaller size is not the answer.

Only genuine timed-release PanGuard is available in two distinct formulations and 9 sizes, so you can select the exact size for your needs.

9 sizes to choose from. Cleans from corner to corner. Slim design, flexible for unique application. No discernable shelf life. Does not dissolve. Labor saving and economical. Easy to use. Activated by water.

Two Distinct Formulations Make The Difference

PanGuard offers true value for your dollar by giving the highest possible level of cleaners. Some products contain 20% or less. The ingredient content is something you might not be able to see, and might not always look for. It is very important, for it determines what value you are getting for your dollar.

PanGuard RC Formula was tested under conditions of continuous unit operation at 90% humidity for 3 months. It was proven to be the one treatment that still remained effective at the end of that period. We guarantee three months of performance to you, in writing. Many customers have told us PanGuard RC lasts 6 months and more in their units. You Could have this same result Our RC Formula has all the PanGuard benefits in a slim, economical design, tested and proven to work over thirteen years of experience. There are seven different RC sizes for applications from 3/4 up to 5 tons.

High Capacity HC Formula

Order No Tonnage Price Per Unit
3 Month RC4/1.50 1 $4.00
Protection RC6/1.50 1-2 $4.73
144 units/case RC8/1.50 2.3 $5.37
  RC12/1.50 3-5 $7.51
Order No Tonnage Price Per Unit
6 Month HC4/.75 3/4 $4.55
Protection HC4/1.50 1 $5.85
72 units/case HC6/1.50 1-2 $7.16
  HC8/1.50 2-3 $8.96
  HC9/1.50 2-3 $8.90
  HC12/1.50 3-5 $9.92

We took the best product, PanGuard, and made it even more effective. Our HC product is designed for applications where there has to be over six months performance with no question. We don't tell you to use two of the "same old thing" - we know this would be twice as much, not twice as long. PanGuard HC is not only thicker than RC, it contains a blend of special ingredients. This unique mixture allows the cleaners to be released more evenly over a longer period. We guarantee six months performance with PanGuard HC, and it can last much longer for you. Our HC formula is manufactured in the same PanGuard tradition of benefits to you. There are seven different sizes of HC, for applications for 3/4 up to 5 tons, CU Series.

Order No Tonnage Price Per Unit
  CU-N2 7-12 $18.86
3 month CU-N 20-25 $39.77
Protection CU-S 20-25 $39.91
Large Systems CU-D 40-50 $70.14


  • Broken cases are shipped at $15.00 ADDITIONAL CHARGE
  • FOB: Shelby, NC prepaid and added to invoice.
  • Minimum Freight Charge: $10.00, product can ship via Fed Ex
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