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PANSEAL is a unique, 100% solids, multi-component epoxy designed to quickly seal and repair leaking and corroded surfaces, forming a new, non-rusting and permanently restored surface.

PANSEAL is used worldwide in the HVAC industry to coat, repair and protect cooling towers, chillers and walk in refrigerator rooms.

PANSEAL is ideal for commercial and industrial applications (covering 160 square feet at 10 mils. thickness). PANSEAL is supplied in a gallon container of resin and a pint of hardener. Once the pint of hardener is emptied into the gallon of resin, PANSEAL can be mixed and applied with a brush, roller or spray gun (56:1 airless or higher).

  • Seals leaks immediately with minimum down time. Self priming and safe to apply with brush roller or sprayer. Works on metal, galvanized, stainless steel, wood, plastic, fiberglass and concrete. PANSEAL Gallons cover 160 square feet at 10 mils. (recommended minimal thickness). 100% solids and entirely free of sol-vents and volatile organic compounds
  • Bonds chemically and mechanically to the substrate
  • Excellent adhesion strength – 2,750 psi (pull-off adhesion test ASTM D 4541)

PANSEAL Drain Pan Coating per Gallon.

Description Price
2000PG $169.00
PANSEAL Cartridges
2000PC $636.00 per case
Additional Mixing Nozzles
2000N $2.00/unit
2000PB $24.501/unit $588.00/case



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  • Joseph A. Miller
  • "We called on Proac to decontaminate an occupied dormitory room. A water leak caused mold growth on the walls and carpet. All the occupant’s possessions had to be removed, decontaminated and stored in a trailer while the work was completed on the room. Again, this project was completed in a professional and timely manner."
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