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Quality Assurance

The best time to deal with a potential problem is before it starts.

Proactive quality assurance you can stop levels of contaminants from becoming a threat to your building. By surveying important areas, you have the power to maintain cleaner and healthier indoor air quality. Plus, proactive quality assurance can help your HVAC systems operate more efficiently. Each survey includes, but is not limited to:

  • Visual observance of contaminants or debris within the HVAC System
  • Proper storage of raw materials and components during construction
  • Visual inspection of water infiltration and accumulation on site
  • Inspections of Building Envelope to assure sealant from moisture penetration
  • Air conveyance system blockages
  • Pollutant sources near or in the structure
  • Testing for airborne and waterborne fungi and bacteria contamination
  • Humidity readings & moisture survey to monitor for trapped moisture and potential fungal growth
  • Follow-up monitoring after corrective action
  • Check filters for effectiveness and blow-by

Checking for Moisture
Gap at Sill-Water Infiltration
Drywall Dust in Supply Duct
Water Damaged Insulation
Water Damage & Mold







Don't wait until a problem gets out of hand. Take a proactive approach to keeping your building clean and the people inside of it safe. It only takes a few moments of your time to learn more about the proactive quality assurance services. Get a no-cost, no-obligation quote by contacting Proac today.

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  • Joseph A. Miller
  • "We called on Proac to decontaminate an occupied dormitory room. A water leak caused mold growth on the walls and carpet. All the occupant’s possessions had to be removed, decontaminated and stored in a trailer while the work was completed on the room. Again, this project was completed in a professional and timely manner."
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