HVAC Video Inspection Service Allows Visual Inspection Of Problem Areas

What you can’t see can hurt you. PROAC Corporation HVAC Video Inspection Services can help identify problem areas in ductwork that may not be evident during a visible inspection.

Plumbers utilize video systems to inspect inaccessible underground pipelines. Security guards utilize video camera systems to look at areas of a building that are not easily seen. PROAC Corporation utilizes a video system capable of traversing the interior of HVAC ductwork to obtain recording of conditions within that duct system.

Leaking ducts are a major source of energy loss in HVAC systems. In some damaged air conditioning systems, pools of condensed water can collect in ductwork. This pooled moisture can leak through damaged ductwork and travel behind walls or underneath flooring. Water damage can result in rotting building materials and mold. A video inspection can aid in identifying damaged or leaking ductwork and the areas negatively impacted by these leaks, making remediation activities easier.

Many duct system are insulated on the interior of the duct with fiberglass type insulation. This insulation can break down over time. Damaged insulation lowers the efficiency of the system, resulting in higher energy costs to maintain set point temperatures. Additionally, fibers from the damaged insulation can be transported into the breathing space, potentially causing respiratory problems to building occupants. A video inspection can aid in identifying damaged insulation.

Nearly all buildings have a heating a cooling system that needs regular maintenance so that the system can continue to operate efficiently. PROAC Corporation uses state of the art video equipment transmitting real time images to the technician, so that problems that affect building energy efficiency and occupant comfort can be identified and rectified.  HVAC building maintenance services is our specialty. We offer a wide range services related to HVAC and Indoor Air Quality. To schedule your HVAC Video Inspection, call us today at (877)255-0058.