PROAC Corporation Creates Safer Work Environment for Industrial Clients

With the California fires in the news, air quality and our environment rests in the front or our minds. For employees working in industrial spaces with paint booths, industrial ovens, equipment and open structures where dust can accumulate, maximizing clean air and a safe work environment is a top priority. Keeping everyone safe, healthy and productive requires industrial cleaning completed by a professional service company with the experience and equipment needed to effectively clean your workplace.

PROAC Corp., located in Pennsylvania and serving New England and the mid Atlantic states, is an industrial cleaning services firm. PROAC Corp employs skilled professionals who clean with state of the art equipment in a safe and timely manner to make even the most challenging environments comfortable and safer places to work, In open factory type settings, dust collected on surfaces that causes breathing hazards but also combustible dust hazards as well. Proac Corporation skilled professionals can properly clean and remove dust accumulating on surfaces like exposed beams, industrial ovens, paint booths and bag houses.

Having a philosophy based on proactive building maintenance, combined with the motto “We are responsible for our client’s satisfaction”, demonstrates that PROAC Corp. is committed to achieving quality results. With several certifications across the industry, clients know that the cleaning technicians are trained, skilled professionals who use state of the art equipment who understand how to properly rid industrial spaces of unwanted dust build up.

Does your firm experience too many employee sick days? Is there lots of coughing with no evidence of the flu or colds. Can you visibly see dust accumulation on exposed beams and ductwork hanging 15 feet above the open floor? Do you suspect a combustion hazard exists in your workplace? If you answered yes, having you business professionally cleaned may be the best way to ensure a safer and healthier work environment. For more information about PROAC Corporation, please visit our website at to request a free quote or call (877)255-0558.

Photo Credit: Mrunalini Kulkarni photographed the smog seen in Oakland on Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017