Mold Removal Services in Harrisburg

If you’ve ever experienced a mold problem in your home, school or business, you know it can make the air unpleasant and difficult to breathe. Here at PROAC Corporation, we offer fast, reliable removal and remediation that will restore and refresh your home, school or business.

Why should I hire mold removal services?

Mold problems begin when spores land on a moist, damp surface with a food source. The paper and glues in damp drywall provide excellent growth conditions.  Mold growth can occur within 24 hours of a moisture intrusion and can spread very quickly under the right conditions. Proper mold removal/remediation can prove difficult. Identifying and correcting the moisture source and identifying the extent of the problem and developing and implementing an action plan should be done by experienced, accredited professionals because mold removal/remediation activities often involve the use of specialized equipment such as moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras to delineate the scope of the problem. The professional also understands how to properly isolate and contain the moldy area while maintaining negative pressure to prevent airborne spores from contaminating other parts of the building.

Why is home mold removal important?

The look and smell of mold in your home can make it an unpleasant place to spend your time. The odor can cling to your clothes. What is worse is the toll it can take on the health of you and your loved ones. A few signs that you might need mold removal are:


  • Strong musty odor
  • Visible areas of mold on walls, plumbing, floors, or clothing
  • Constant runny or stuffed nose
  • Colds or bronchitis that refuse to go away
  • Sneezing and coughing
  • Watery eyes

How does mold affect indoor air quality?
The quality of the air in your home or business can be seriously compromised by the presence of mold.  Our expert technicians at PROAC Corporation can conduct fast, dependable air quality testing to determine the presence of mold in the air of your home. It is your first step in becoming completely mold-free.

How long does mold remediation take?

The time it takes to perform complete mold remediation in your home varies by the extent of the problem. Our team will inspect the home and provide a detailed estimate of the work to complete, the time it will take, and all associated costs. We will begin at your earliest convenience.

Why You Need Local, Certified Mold Removal

You need a local Harrisburg certified mold removal specialist to handle the problems that crop up due to humid conditions that foster the growth of mold. You need mold removal professionals that can take care of the problem completely from the start. At PROAC Corporation, we take mold removal seriously. Contact the mold removal professionals at PROAC Corporation today by calling (877) 255-0558 or fill out our online contact us form for all your removal and remediation needs!