Industrial Cleaning Services

Industrial Cleaning Services

Industrial cleaning services are needed to keep your facilities operational. PROAC focuses on proactive building maintenance. While a lot of our work focuses on commercial HVAC systems, we have found the dirt and dust buildup within the building continually contributes to the damage and degradation of HVAC systems. We have developed a team of professional industrial cleaners who focus on cleaning your warehouse or industrial building of dust buildup, combustible dust, mold, and mildew, along with a variety of issues industrial buildings must combat regularly.

Industrial Dust Removal

Whether you own a manufacturing company, food processing plant, or warehouses that have dust buildup, you need to clean your plant. It is likely your team cleans the easy to reach places or their immediate workspaces. What about the hard to reach areas of your business? Is there dust buildup in your ductwork, on top of your ductwork? Dust is a contaminant that can be more damaging and more explosive than expected.

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Dust in industrial settings is sometimes unavoidable. Certain industrial processes produce dusts that can accumulate on rafters and equipment. Certain types of dusts can become a combustion hazard if allowed to accumulate. Our industrial cleaning services your equipment and we utilize our expertise to complete industrial cleaning projects in a safe and timely manner. Explosion proof vacuums and strict grounding procedures can help prevent accidents. PROAC Corporation cleans paints booths, industrial ovens, bag-houses, and dust collectors. We also clean accumulated dusts from atop equipment and rafters. This valuable service provides a cleaner, safer work environment for employees. Please contact us today to discuss our industrial cleaning service capabilities.

Cleaning Services Provided To Industrial Buildings

We provide various specific cleaning and proactive maintenance services to manufacturers and industrial companies. Below are a few of the industrial cleaning services we provide:

  • Combustible Dust Buildup: Keep your building up to code and remove the combustible or flammable dust buildup. The hazardous level of explosive dust can result in large-scale damage to your building and, more importantly, loss of life. Protect your employees and your business’s future by removing combustible dust immediately.
  • Dust Removal & Management: The best way to manage the dust buildup in your industrial building is by regular cleaning and maintenance of your plant. Get the dust removed from your business.
  • Industrial Mold Removal: Mold can be a major problem for industrial buildings, especially when water and moisture are always present. Where there is water, there is the potential for mold and other bacteria to grow. A food manufacturing plant can be extremely susceptible to this.
  • Air Pollutant Testing And Removal: Industrial cleaning is not limited to the surfaces of your work area. The air your employees breathe should be tested and managed. We can help clean your industrial plant’s surface, HVAC system, and the air you breathe.

Why You Need To Remove Industrial Dust And Clean Your Manufacturing Plant

Removing dust buildup and cleaning your industrial building benefits your operation. By maintaining the dust buildup in your commercial building, you will avoid fines or being shut down by OSHA. Additionally, a clean work environment is more efficient.

If there is dust buildup on your floors or in your building, there is dust buildup in your ductwork and HVAC systems. Dust, dirt, and debris in your HVAC system will hinder its efficiency and lead it to break down faster. HVAC systems for industrial plants might cost a bit to maintain, but they cost more to repair.

Receive Industrial And Manufacturing Cleaning Services

Contact PROAC to clean your industrial building. We care about keeping your company operating and safe. Keep your facilities up to OSHA standards and increase operational efficiency with a clean industrial building. Call (877) 255-0558 for an estimate.