Kitchen Hood and Exhaust Cleaning Service

  • Making commercial kitchen hoods and exhausts clean again.

Commercial kitchen hoods present unique safety problems as grease laden vapors from cooking deposit grease in the exhaust system. There is a potential for this grease to ignite, resulting in a fire. Our kitchen hood cleaning service and our kitchen exhaust cleaning service take care of this hazard. Chapter 11 of the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) publication “Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations” recommends a schedule of inspection for grease build up based on the type and size of the cooking operation. The standard recommends cleaning of the exhaust system if the inspections reveals that the system is contaminated with deposits from grease laden vapors. PROAC Corporation has extensive experience cleaning grease hoods in industrial, institutional, and educational settings. Our technicians take great care to protect existing equipment. Grill hoods are cleaned using a degreaser. Horizontal duct-work is accessed and manually cleaned. A spinner ball is used for vertical duct-work. A report with photographs before cleaning and after cleaning is generated as documentation for the client. In addition to kitchen hoots and exhaust, PROAC Corporation regularly cleans dryer ducts.

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