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Commercial Mold Removal Services

Have a commercial building in need of professional mold removal and remediation? PROAC is the professional business you are looking for. Our services range from mold removal to mold prevention and remediation.

How To Remove Mold From Your Business?

While you may have removed mold from your home, mold in a commercial space can be more wide spread and needs a professional to remove it. Additionally, a lot of mold in commercial building is in hard to reach places like your HVAC system. To remove mold from your commercial building do the following:

  • Hire A Professional Mold Removal And Remediation Company: PROAC is the professional mold removal specialists for your business.

After you hire us to remove the mold from your commercial building here are a few of the things we will do:

  • Remove mold from building.
  • Test mold and air for specific toxins.
  • Determine the source of moisture to stop the mold at its source.
  • Perform mold remediation throughout the building.

What makes PROAC better than the competition:

  • State of the art equipment.
  • EPA registered antimicrobial coatings.
  • Certified professionals get the job done right.

How To Remediate Mold From My Business

Mold remediation is one of the most important steps in removing mold from your commercial building. Once mold starts to grow in a building, it is very easy for the mold to come back because of the spores and moisture build up. This is why it is so important to hire a professional.

A mold remediation specialist will filter the air, treat the building for the mold and continue to test moisture levels. Stopping the moisture build up at the source is vital to prevent future mold issues. Get mold remediation performed on your commercial building.

Where We Remove Mold From

Mold is not just on the surface of walls or in your facility’s basement. Mold has a tendency to grow in a wide range of areas. What is required for mold to grow is moisture. If there is moisture in your duct work or on the concrete walls of your basement, it is likely mold will grow there. Some buildings will have water get trapped between the carpet and the floor leading to mold growing quickly. Common places we see mold in commercial buildings:

  • Mold growth in ducts: Do you smell a wet “dirty socks” smell in your office building? There could be mold in your ducts and we can find out with our duct work video inspection services. Mold in ductwork can lead to employees being out sick and a variety of issues. Let us clean your ducts of mold.
  • Mold growth on HVAC units: HVAC units are notorious for mold build up because there is a lot of moisture involved with AC units. Make sure there is not mold growth on your HVAC units.
  • Mold removal from concrete walls: Removing mold from concrete can seem easy at first, but removing it correctly takes time and expertise. Many businesses will simply wash the mold off of the concrete wall or floor. Within two days the mold will be back. What did they do wrong? A mold remediation specialist will remove the mold, treat the surface, remove the moisture and continue to monitor the mold issue.
  • Mold removal from wood: Wood is porous and can trap moisture for large amounts of time. Removal and remediation are important for your business so you do not have to replace all of the wood in your flooring or walls. This can get costly, especially with the price of lumber.

Black Mold Removal From Industrial Buildings

While all mold is damaging for a commercial business, black mold is detrimental to your business and the health of your employees. Do not wait to get black mold professionally removed from your business.

Mold Spores In Your Business

Mold spores are prevalent in the indoor environment. These spores often enter the indoor environment through the many cracks and openings that exist in all buildings. Mold spores are microscopic in size and are easily dispersed if disturbed. Airborne spores will eventually settle and under the right conditions, such as high humidity or a moisture intrusion coupled with food source (any organic material), these spores can multiply, potentially causing damage to building materials. Additionally, spores release mycotoxins to the air that can cause allergic reactions to certain individuals. Both viable (living) and non-viable (dead) spores can release mycotoxins so it is imperative with our mold removal services that the spores be removed from the space. The New York City Department of Health, The Indoor Air Quality Association, the Environmental Protection Agency as well as the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) all recommend source removal as the primary method of remediation, meaning affected non-structural building materials such as drywall be removed and discarded. Each of these agencies suggest that moldy areas greater than 10 square feet be handled by a professional firm with experience in standard industry practices such as erecting containment barriers and the use of specialized equipment such as negative air machines to eliminate cross contamination during the remediation removal process. PROAC Corporation has been conducting mold remediation projects since it’s inception in 1998. We have professionally trained and accredited Certified Mold Remediation Supervisors (CMRS) on staff who oversee each of these projects. We use up to date industry methods and state of the art equipment to ensure that the project is completed without spreading contaminants to other areas of the space. Please contact us for more information regarding our mold removal/remediation services.

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PROAC provides businesses with commercial mold removal. If you own an industrial building or larger building like a hospital, office building, school or apartment building, our mold remediation specialists are here to help. Contact us today!


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