HVAC/AHU Hygiene/Maintenance

  • Providing quality maintenance services in the Northeast region.

  • Proactive maintenance results in a more efficient system and cleaner indoor air.

An air handler unit generally consists of the unit shell, blower fans, heating and/or coiling coils, condensate drain pans and filters. The unit tempers the air and sends the heated/ cooled air to the duct system. Filters clean the air and can become impacted with dust/debris. Fan blades become fouled with dust, grease, and debris. The coils can also become impacted with contaminants. Impacted coils, filters, and fan blades can cause the unit to run in an inefficient manner resulting in higher energy and maintenance costs. These contaminants can also act as a breeding ground for mold/bacteria (biofilm), especially on the coils and in the drain pan. Both the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) ACR standard “Assessment, Cleaning, and Restoration 2013” and the American Society of Heating ASHRAE 189.1 standard recommend regular inspection and cleaning of air handler units. PROAC Corporation has been an active member in the (NADCA) since our founding in 1998. Our staff includes certified, experienced technicians who conduct air handler cleaning following the procedure as outlined in the NADCA publication “Assessment, Cleaning, and Restoration 2013”. We use a patented multi enzyme coil cleaner coupled with a bioactive coil treatment that is registered for use in HVAC systems. Non-porous surfaces are cleaned with a bioactive surface cleaner/sanitizer. We also offer bioactive condensate pan treatment to control the growth of biofilm in the drain pan. Upon job completion a report is issued containing pictures of the unit before and after cleaning. A properly maintained air handler operates in an efficient manner and supplies cleaner, healthier air to the air distribution system and ultimately to the building occupants. Please contact us for more information regarding our air handler unit maintenance and hygiene services.

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